Success Stories

Our clients share their experience.

Sara, 30’s

A massive knee injury

I have been to many doctors and physical therapist in my life time; Austin is the ONLY one I have ever recommended to a family member and a friend; several in fact. He is the only one I have and will ever recommend to anyone! This is not something I take lightly.

In June 2016 I sustained a massive knee injury; this injury has turned into a cluster of random, painful issues that have caused both Austin and I some headaches. Initially we thought I had badly sprained my right knee and we started treatment according to that idea; however after a couple months, when I was not getting better, Austin recommended I get an MRI. The MRI showed I had severed my ACL, partially torn my MCL and LCL, and nearly broken my Tibia. Through further investigation, it was decided that my right ankle had been sprained and there were some issues in my back, as well. Throughout this entire ordeal, Austin has been patient, caring and consistent. He has never once assumed he knew what was wrong, or how I felt, and he has never trivialized my pain. He listened intently to my complaints and has done everything possible to minimize my pain. He has never assumed he knew my pain or that he would cure me in one session. He has been honest with me about the whole process and diligent in his attempts to find every solution possible. Austin’s greatest asset is his incredible brain, along with his caring, willing nature. He is truly interested in targeting the source of the pain, not just treating the symptoms to get you out and move on to the next patient. He will work and search and study until he finds the cause and solution to your pain. He is relentless in his pursuit of your treatment and will not quit until you are pain-free.

When I first came to see Austin, I could not walk or stand up straight. I was in so much pain that I fainted (or nearly fainted) frequently. My right leg was partially paralyzed and I was unable to move my right foot at all. I could not sit up on my own and I was in a wheelchair. My pain was a constant 10 and there was no relief even with pain medications. I am a teacher and a mother, being in a wheelchair is not conducive to either field. As the beginning of my school year crept closer and closer, Austin fit me in to his schedule daily in order to get me functional and strong enough to survive a full day of work. I had to teach most of the first semester from a chair, but Austin got me strong enough to stay all day. As of now, I am able to ride a stationary bike, walk up my stairs and pick up my baby. When I met Austin I was not sure I would be able to do any of those things again. I know it is only a matter of time until I am back to running. I also know Austin will not quit until I am back to running and lifting weights.

If you have happened upon this page, or if you were sent here by someone who loves you, you are in the right place. There is no one out there who will work harder for you. Austin is smart, caring and compassionate. He will do everything he possibly can to correct the problem. You will leave him feeling better than you ever thought possible. Take it from me: this is where you belong if you want to heal completely and as quickly as possible. Stop searching and call him…it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself, or your family.

Robert, Late 50’s

Chronic neck and foot pain

I have a chronic neck and foot condition that requires special attention, and Dr. Fair has been able to substantially reduce my pain level and keep me from having surgery.

Fenix Physical Therapy & Performance is different from any other PT place I’ve been. It’s very hard to find somebody like Dr. Fair who will listen to you and try to get to the root of your physical problem, and then find ways to reduce the pain and even fix the problem you have.

David, 30’s

A fire fighter

I have been playing sports all my life, from 4 years old through college. Through growing up and now in my career as a fire fighter, I’ve always had to train and perform at the highest level.

I have always loved and respected my profession. In order to serve and protect others, I have always been driven to be in peak physical condition so if the sirens ring to go help, I would be able to give everything I have. Injuries are always part of the job in my profession because of how physical it is. Whenever I get injured, my first call is Dr. Fair. One time in particular, I was transitioning from one city to another, and I had to complete their training academy. During the academy, I suffered a tear in my hip cartilage and another signficant tear in my hamstring—only two weeks away from my physical assessment test in order to get hired by Scottsdale Fire Department. I was a wreck! When I shuffled into Dr. Fair’s office for the first time, my outlook was not very positive. I could not see how in two weeks I would be able to complete the physically demanding fitness test. Dr. Fair was unfazed, and came up with a plan to give me the best possibility of being able to perform for my test. Two weeks later I took and passed my fitness assessment, and now I have my dream job in large part to what was done those two weeks with Dr. Fair.

No matter what time of pain or discomfort you are in, go see Dr. Fair. He will be honest and up front with you. He will learn about you personally and your issues you are having, and he will give you the best shot at returning to what you love doing, and at the level you desire. My life, my family, and my future in my profession that I love has greatly been influenced by Dr. Fair.

Kristi, 30’s

Chronic Headaches and Neck Pain

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had neck pain.  For the last few months, it grew increasingly worse. It hurt to drive, check my blind spot, and do dishes. I couldn’t even brush my hair without my neck killing me…and what was worse were the headaches and the sleep lost because of it.  That’s when I decided to see Dr. Austin Fair.

On my first visit he listened and addressed all of my concerns and explained his treatment plan for me.  After just the initial treatment I had relief I had not felt in months! By the end of treatment I was sleeping better, my motion came back and my headaches disappeared. Now my neck pain is gone, and I feel like my old self again. If you have neck pain or headaches, Dr. Austin Fair will help you get the relief you’re looking for. Thank you Austin!