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Our History. Our Team. Our Goals.

About Fenix PTP

We think differently about rehabilitation.

We provide an unparalleled healthcare service:  one-on-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 60 minutes. We do more than just treat the symptoms; we search for the cause of the issue.  We can “get you back” to your old self faster because of the time we spend with each person.


In today’s healthcare industry, costs are rising. Premiums, deductibles, co-pays – all of it. We’ve seen too many people’s progress stopped or limited because their insurance won’t pay for the care they need and deserve.

Austin M. Fair

Founder & Physical Therapist

I believe our life experiences prepare us to help others.
At a young age, I was as active as any normal boy. But I was blessed with a unique talent– to injury myself.

Through my formative years, I experienced injury after injury. I felt emotional pain and frustration. I experienced successful recoveries just in time to injury another body part, or even the same body part again. I thought, “How could someone so fit and so active get injured so often?” Some people had answers for me while others didn’t.

I decided to be responsible for my own rehabilitation and that I would learn everything I could to fix myself. After I helped myself, it was time to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I believe a person can only have 5 priorities in life and still remain effective. One of mine is to help others (click here to find out about my others).

I have devoted my professional life to helping others and am continuously pursuing the acquisition of knowledge to be more effective at doing so.